【Business mission of Japan Phytoncide Tokyo co.,Ltd.】

Genuine articles we'd like to deliver ...


If you seek the truth and get the genuine articles, they'll make you healthy and happy...

This is exactly the principle for us.


We believe "Phytoncide", which is the gift from Mother Nature, is the most important essence for us who have lost sight of various things in modern civilization.

For us who have got away from nature, "Phytoncide" is an essential in order to get healthy air back in our lives.

Considering not only modern times but also the future, it is an important mission for us
to supply you with "Fresh air" having the ingredient of phytoncide.

We are convinced that our work is also to help children who live in the present and bear the future generation with raising their healthy bodies and spirits.

Phytoncide, which not only solves every problem for our lives but also addresses terrible air pollution, is a present from Mother nature.

We "Phytoncide group" take pride in a genuine corporate group to deliver real phytoncide.

We move forward with our experiences and the theme "the Health promotion based on force of nature" in the future.