【Various effects of the forest】

Phytoncide is the natural power.


Phytoncide has unknown power which exceeds our knowledge.
The basic effect of the forest is given by forest bathing, “ Shinrin-yoku “.


When we walk into the forest, both of our body and soul feel refreshed.


In the forest there are fallen leaves, seeds, animal excrement, corpses etc.


They should give off nasty smell but the forest is filled with fresh air. Why ?
Phytoncide has strong effects such as sterilization and deodorization in spite of the natural and safe ingredients.

Direct and indirect effects of phytoncide

+ Halt effect of germ activity
+ Deodorant effect
+ Anti-allergy effect
+ Decomposition of toxic chemicals
+ Sedimentation effect of micro particles
+ Relaxation of body and soul

< Direct effects by terpenes (chemical ingredients) >

Phytoncide is volatile ingredients which consist of terpenes such as α-pinene to control
a parasympathetic nerve activities and to give natural and comfortable feeling,
d-limonene and 1.8-cinol.
Phytoncide is generated only by plants.
And each plant has each own composition.
Ease of the forest is achieved by combination and controlled density of gases, generated by plants.

< Indirect effects by flora (bacteria group in forest) >

The forest is the ecosystem with the clean air, prepared by plants.
Plants as the inhabitants in the forest give out phytoncide into the air in ordet to get comfortable environment. And we believe that total state of gases should be the ideal frola which is good also for human beings.

Phytoncide’ll turn our disordered bacterial environment into the clean and confortable frola.